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How to Download and Install MAGMASOFT® 5.5 - The Latest Version of the Comprehensive and Effective Optimization Tool for Metalcasting

How to Download and Install MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 - The Latest Version of the Comprehensive and Effective Optimization Tool for Metalcasting

MAGMASOFTÂ is a software product developed by MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc. that helps metalcasters improve their casting quality, optimize their process conditions and reduce their production costs. MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 is the latest version of the software that offers new features and enhancements to make the simulation and optimization of casting processes faster and easier.

Magmasoft Magma 52 Download

In this article, we will show you how to download and install MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 on your computer and give you an overview of some of the highlights of this version.

How to Download MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5

To download MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5, you need to have a valid license and a MAGMA support login. If you do not have these, you can contact your responsible MAGMA contact or send a request to or depending on your location.

Once you have your login credentials, you can access the MAGMA support website at and enter your username and password. You will then see a list of available downloads for different versions of MAGMASOFTÂ. Select the one that corresponds to MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 and click on the download button.

The download file is a zip archive that contains the installation files and instructions for MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5. You will need to extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your computer before proceeding with the installation.

How to Install MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5

To install MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5, you need to have administrator rights on your computer and follow the steps below:

  • Run the setup.exe file from the extracted folder and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Select the language for the installation and click Next.

  • Read and accept the license agreement and click Next.

  • Select the destination folder for the installation and click Next.

  • Select the components you want to install and click Next.

  • Review the installation settings and click Install.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and click Finish.

You have now successfully installed MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 on your computer. You can launch the software from the Start menu or from the desktop shortcut.

Highlights of MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5

MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5 offers many new features and enhancements that make it easier and faster to simulate and optimize casting processes. Some of these are:

  • A new interactive 3D-visualization of projects that allows you to view, rotate, zoom and select geometries, results and criteria in a single window.

  • An easy organization of geometries that lets you group, rename, copy, paste and delete geometries in a tree structure.

  • An effective image generation in Multiview that enables you to create high-quality images of multiple views of your project with different settings and annotations.

  • New quality criteria for evaluating casting roundness and flatness that help you assess the dimensional accuracy of your castings.

  • Extended possibilities of MAGMAinteract that allow you to share your projects with other users online or offline with more options and security.

  • A web download of MAGMASOFTÂ that lets you download the latest version of the software directly from the internet without using a DVD or USB stick.

These are just some of the highlights of MAGMASOFTÂ 5.5. For more details, you can visit 0efd9a6b88


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