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When Someone Makes A Video With Horrible Singing To Try And Hire An Engineer, You Know Things Have G

im a singer of cover songs/instrumentals i sing the vocalsi saved them on a flashdrive im also new at club auditioning processes for a paid gig, so i auditioned twice for one in santa barbara, ca M8RX on state. the guy who recorded me on a cel smart phone wasnt there last night from two mos ago. then when i sang last night it was a diff guy to set it up the mic checks and im not used to taking instructions musically ive been in karaoke clubs for a long time thats how ive learned all the songs i know now but idont just sing i move around with it so i feel like i dont know what im doing bc i dont have a coach or agent yet or label or im just throwing myself out there to anyone listening or recording hoping for someone to let me sing with pay just for a motel roomand hot food but im able to do hard songs linkin park and evanescence the offspring my voice carried through that whole club 3 stories high an old victorian its really great fun place to sing live the stage is big enough for me im a petite woman but i dont think he recorded me it so dark in there i couldnt see well then he did put some stage mist on so i guess my singing was appreciated and i had a real stage oufit on with mirored l,ittle sequence to bounce the stage lights off i dont have the money to do or go anywhere else to perform i guess next month ill just go again to perform the same song or a diff one

When someone makes a video with horrible singing to try and hire an engineer, you know things have g

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1. a reasonable stage volume is the key to a great mix.2. If you start with a good sounding instrument/drums the mix will reflect that.3. There is a limit to how much vocal level you can get in the monitors.4. know what you NEED in your monitor mix and ask for it.5. if you are lucky enough to get a sound check, follow the engineers requests and be quiet if you are not being asked to play.6. if you like /want FX, ask for it.7. treat each other with respect, we all want your show to be as good as it can be. REALLY!8. If you are in a nice venue, the sound tech knows what they are doing. If you cant accept this, hire your own guy to mix.9. berating the sound guy over the PA is a good way to have a half step pitch change applied to your vocals for the rest of your set. 350c69d7ab


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