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Starry Night Download Windows 7 11 |LINK|

hi - my name is mike - i am blind and since i have a "moderately severe" case of keratoconus i use a ra starview premium computer w/ astrocade wow, colorplan 3.0 (with prism) and starry night pro 7 - the multiple objects i load into the sky chart are wise catalog objects, but i do not use the wise catalog, so this should not be a problem for you. i was very anxious to upgrade to starry night pro 7. unlike many other software programs, starry night pro 7 is not a complicated program (nearly everything you need to know is in the software user's manual) with a lot of functions and buttons that you have to learn. it really is hard to learn the different functions of it, but once you do, the program is easy to use. many of the problems i see in the forums are with too little or too much science knowledge. for example, you mentioned you are a software developer and i am a software developer. once i got the program and learned how to operate it, i was able to see the world through my telescopes as if it were in my computer. i looked at images and videos that were computer generated, and they looked like the images from telescopes to me. when i see people on the forums say they are having problems with the program, they are at a level of science knowledge that is too low. i cannot imagine how i would have figured this out and fixed it without a program like starry night pro 7.

starry night download windows 7 11

thanks for all the detailed info. i'm getting (d) similar issues/glitches, with the "network problem" on both osx and win10 in particular. particularly frustrating in the case of win10, where the only change of variables is moving from windows 10 to windows 10 pro edition (same hardware, same bandwith). i've restarted, cleared ram, etc. anything else obvious i should try?


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