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Insomnia Cookies.svb

Boston-based Pear currently has three prescription digital therapeutics on the market: app-based treatments for insomnia, substance use disorder and opioid use disorder. While the company has succeeded in running studies to prove the efficacy of these apps and in getting clearance from the Food and Drug Administration, reimbursement for this new type of treatment has posed more of a challenge.

Insomnia Cookies.svb

According to an article from Yale School of Medicine, 30% of adults in the U.S. live with insomnia. However, Black women are disproportionately represented. CBT is one of the most common ways to treat insomnia.

Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of a portfolio of product candidates to treat central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Minerva is developing first-in-class proprietary compounds, including its lead program MIN-101 in Phase IIb development for the treatment of schizophrenia, MIN-202 in Phase I development for primary and comorbid insomnia, MIN-301, which is in preclinical development for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, and MIN-117 targeting major depressive disorder. Minerva's common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market where it trades under the symbol "NERV." For more information, please visit:

We already have some clues that it might be. So, we know that heightened numbers of immune cells is a risk factor and predicts for cardiovascular disease. We also have a handful of studies in humans that have connected diminished hypocretin production with risk for cardiovascular disease. There is actually a drug on the market called suvorexant for insomnia. So hypocretin Is a wakefulness promoting protein and the idea is that if you can interrupt its action on wakefulness, it will help you sleep better. Our studies throw some caution because our studies suggest that hypocretin has anti-inflammatory properties and so is a blocking of the hypocretin receptor, is this a potentially problematic approach that might heighten inflammation, and this is something to test for in the future.

As if that's not enough to wake me up from post-inflight insomnia fatigue during my return journey from Stockholm last week, my daughter then presented her returning mummy with a letter from the parents' committee asking for my vote on the tablet issue. I just had to tick, it's pro-tablet or no tablet, and the school will let the ministry know of the parents' stance. 041b061a72


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