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Charles Moore
Charles Moore

The Gold Bracelet !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download Torrent

Bats and vampires seem to go hand in hand, and the mysterious nocturnal creatures might have been an inspiration in this bracelet from Bochic (with Miriam Salat). Carved in black jade, bats decorate this 18k gold bracelet and are accented with 3.99 carats diamonds.

The Gold Bracelet download torrent

This documentary investigated the sudden and unexplained appearance of gold bracelets around the world. Four different bracelets were offered for sale at various places around the world, namely Sotheby's in New York, two locations in London and one in Germany, but they're withdrawn from sale when antiques experts get curious and questions are asked.What catapulted these objects into the public eye though was when one of them was apparently found by a Romanian reporter as part of a TV programme.Are these bracelets fake, are they genuine artefacts from the Dacian era, or are they something else?Watch this to find out! 350c69d7ab


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